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Knowing the Basic First Aid Supplies


Everyone needs to realize the importance of having a first aid kit in their home and car. Businesses are required to have first aid kits with the basic first aid supplies located somewhere in their facility. If the building is large, they usually have a first aid kit in each department. We shouldn't have to be "required by law" to take the very best measures to assure their and our safety. Accidents can happen every day when we least expect them and, therefore, we need to be prepared. Having a first aid kit with even the basic first aid supplies can make all the difference with an injury.

You can choose to purchase a first aid kit that is complete with all the basic first aid supplies or purchase a larger first aid kit with many more supplies. What may seem like a large first aid kit is actually just the basic first aid supplies. Some of the basic first aid supplies are:

• Adhesive tape
• Ace bandage
• Band-Aids
• Gauze (in rolls and pads)
• Hydrocortisone cream
• Antiseptic cream or spray
• Antibiotic cream and burn cream
• Benadryl
• Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen
• Emergency Numbers and Number of Poison Control Center
• Scissors and Tweezers
• Thermometer
• Antacid
• Calamine Lotion
• Blood Clot Spray
• Instant Cold Pack
• Antiseptic Wipes

You will find most of these basic first aid supplies when you purchase a ready-made first aid kit. They may not all be the same with all first aid kits, but they are similar. Some of the larger first aid kits will have more than just the basic first aid supplies, however, you may find that some of the supplies will seldom or ever be used. You may also discover that some supplies get used more often (ibuprofen, band-aids, antacid) so you may want to stock more of these supplies or keep more on hand.

You should always carry a first aid kit with at least the basic first aid supplies in your car or on your body if you are hiking, biking or camping. Any time you are away from your home or car for an extended period of time warrants having a first aid kit.

One choice that many are making is to make up their own first aid kit. You can buy the empty first aid kit storage container and purchase the basic first aid supplies you need. You can choose to store your items in any container that suits you. Many feel that not only is it cheaper to make up their own first aid kit, but it also gives them the opportunity to stock it with their choice of basic first aid supplies.