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Make Sure Your First Aid Kit and Supplies Do the Job


First aid kits are very important in our daily lives, whether we're on the job, on vacation or in our homes. Always make sure you have a first aid kit and supplies in the kit regardless of where you plan to be. We don't plan on getting sick or having accidents, but it's a very real part of our lives. Whether it's us at work, our children playing outside or the family camping in the woods, accidents can quickly happen and without a first aid kit and supplies, much more damage can happen.

Children, it seems, are accident-prone. Without even trying, they seem to get cuts, bruises, scrapes and sometimes broken bones. A simple cut can seem like a major catastrophe to a child when you don't have a band-aid to stop the bleeding. Not only will the band-aid make the child feel better, it will stop excess blood flow, which could result in the child becoming weak or anemic from the blood loss. When you get your first aid kit and supplies, you'll want to get a large supply of different size band-aids. You will go through these quicker than anything else in the first aid kit. And supplies that you use often should be purchased in a large quantity so you always have some on hand.

Another item that you will use a lot of is medications such as Ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Many times, they are taken out of the first aid kit and never replaced. From time to time, it’s a good idea to look through your first aid kit and supplies on hand to see what needs replacing. A thermometer is another item that people often forget to have in their first aid kit. This is very important if you have children, especially if you're traveling. If your child gets sick while camping or on vacation and you call the doctor, the first thing the doctor will ask is if they have a fever.

You may want to make a list for your first aid kit and supplies so you know what you want to buy. The first aid kit and supplies should be kept in a place in your home that everyone is aware of. A first aid kit won't do everyone good if they don't know where to find it. Some families have a list of the contents inside their first aid kit and when something is removed, it is crossed off the list so they know to replace it. If you don't feel you are this organized, periodically check your first aid kit and supplies to see what you need. The worst time to find your kit is low on supplies is when you really need them.

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