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Dog Sprains: Care for your Pet


Dog sprains just like human sprains are injuries to the ligaments. However, one difference is that dogs are often diagnosed with chronic sprains. This means that the pain and swelling of the area is lengthy and persistent. Having the animal rest the area can be quite difficult because animals do not sit still for long periods of time and cannot just rest and elevate the affected area. The most common places for dog sprains is the ankle. It often occurs during games with the family or perhaps at the dog park wrestling with other animals. The next most common reason for sprains is awkwardly landing jumps and running on hard pavement and surfaces. Acute sprains often results in swelling, bruising, and limping. Of course, the more active the dog and the more rowdy the dog, the more likely they are to obtain a sprain injury. Dog sprains can be diagnosed and treated quite easily.

One of the easiest ways to treat dog sprains is to use applications of cold water and vinegar. There is also a therapy that involves a paste of lime and cow-dung. These are both natural remedies for dog sprains and of course it is up to the owner and what they are comfortable with when treating a sprain. The owner will know when the dog needs to be taken to the vet because they refuse to place any weight on the leg and are refusing to move around as they usually do. It is essential to make sure that the injury is not worse than a sprain, like a broken bone, so the vet will probably run some x-rays. Just like with humans, the best way to help reduce swelling is to ice the injured area. This can be difficult with an energetic dog, but if the dog is injured and acting a bit more lethargic than usual, it may be easier to ice the wound for a while. The ice can be even be wrapped with a tensor and taped unless the dog is prone to chewing. Most people will care for their dogs as much as they would care for their children, so the proper treatment of a sprain is important. Of course the vet will direct the owner in the right direction for the care of the injury. Owners love their animals and it pains them to see their dogs in pain, so for the better health of the dog and emotional health of the owner, sprains should be looked after quickly and responsibly. Dogs can develop arthritis from joint injuries and this can eventually limit their movement and activity level. So, sprains should be taken seriously.


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Trout set for MRI on left thumb sprain

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout sprained his left thumb stealing a base during Sunday's game against the Miami Marlins and is set to have an MRI on the injury.


Red Sox diagnose Dustin Pedroia with left wrist sprain

Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia was forced to leave Monday's game with the Chicago White Sox due to what has been diagnosed as a left wrist sprain. What It Means: Pedroia suffered the injury during a collision with Jose Abreu at first base in ...


Angels’ Mike Trout leaves game with left thumb sprain

Angels outfielder Mike Trout left today’s game with a left thumb sprain after injuring his hand sliding into second base, according to the team. X-rays did not reveal any fractures. Mike Trout has been diagnosed with a left thumb sprain. X-rays were ...


Daily Dose: Trouble for Trout

Trout was diagnosed with a left thumb sprain which he sustained while diving headfirst into second base during his stolen base in the fifth inning of Sunday's contest against the Marlins. While precautionary X-rays have ruled out any fractures, the Angels ...


Mike Trout Suffers Thumb Sprain vs. Marlins, X-Rays Negative

Los Angeles Angels superstar center fielder Mike Trout was removed from Sunday's game against the Miami Marlins and diagnosed with a left thumb sprain, per the team. Tim Healey of the Sun Sentinel noted Trout was injured when he slid headfirst into ...


Lakers center Ivica Zubac to miss remainder of season with high ankle sprain
Lakers center Ivica Zubac suffered a high...

DeMarcus Cousins listed as questionable vs. Nuggets due to ankle sprain: Game...
Tip off: 7 p.m., Sunday, Pepsi Center, Denver. Records: New Orleans Pelicans (30-42); Denver Nuggets (35-37). TV: Fox Sports New Orleans. Radio: WRNO-99.5. Summary: The Pelicans listed DeMarcus Cousins as questionable to play against the Nuggets b...