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´╗┐First Aid Treatment For Cuts And Scrapes


Most of the time treatment for cuts and scrapes can be done without needing professional medical help. The basic treatment is washing the wound, covering it with an antibiotic ointment and then dressing the wound. It is important however to make sure the cuts and scrapes are minor. Treatment for cuts and scrapes that are deep, jagged, will not stop bleeding or have bone or tissue protruding from them, need professional medical help immediately.

How To Determine The Correct Treatment For Cuts And Scrapes

Before beginning a first aid treatment look at the wound. Treatment for cuts and scrapes that are deep, gaping or have a jagged edge need professional medical treatment, especially if an artery or vein has been severed. When an artery has been cut the blood will be bright red, flow quickly and in spurts. When an artery has been cut, apply pressure to the wound and get medical help immediately. If a vein has been cut the blood will be dark red and the blood will flow more evenly. As with an artery, try to stop the bleeding and seek professional medical advice. Treatment for cuts and scrapes that have fat, bone or muscle protruding will involve getting professional medical help. Many times these types of wounds will require stitches.

Do It Yourself Treatment For Cuts And Scrapes

Once the determination has been made that the wound is minor, treatment should begin. Start by washing the wound with soap and water. Soap that enters the wound will sting so try to keep the soap off the wound if possible but be sure to clean the outer edges where the skin is torn, then carefully rinse the skin to remove all traces of the soap. The best product to use in the

treatment for cuts and scrapes is an antibiotic cream which is available over the counter. Apply the cream to the surface of the wound liberally then cover it with a wound dressing such as a band aid if the wound is small or a non-sterile adhesive pad if it is a larger wound.

Treatment for cuts and scrapes should take place daily until the wound has healed. In the event the dressing gets wet or becomes soiled, change it immediately. An important part of treatment at home is to watch for infection. Signs of infection include swelling, redness, odor and seepage. Treatment for cuts and scrapes that become infected should be done by a licensed medical care provider. Proper treatment is easy to do at home as long as they are minor. When professional medical help is needed, daily treatment is generally done at home. Knowing the first aid treatment for cuts and scrapes, as well as knowing how to tell the difference between a minor injury and one that needs medical attention, is something everyone should know.

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