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Determining The Healing Time For Scrapes


The healing time for scrapes varies tremendously based on the severity of the scrape, the size of the scrape as well as the location. The healing time can be as little as three days or as long as several weeks. Keeping your scrape clean and changing the dressing daily or when it becomes wet or soiled can help speed up the healing time for scrapes.

Why The Healing Time For Scrapes Varies

Healing time for scrapes can be shortened by keeping them clean, applying an antibiotic cream and keeping them covered. One of the reasons why healing time can vary so greatly is because the skin, which was removed when the scrape happened, has to grow back. When a scrape removes just the outer layers of skin and then begins to grow back the process starts from the bottom of the wound and works it way up. As the skin begins to heal the pink coloration will change to a yellow, which may look like pus to an untrained eye. A scrape that removes all the layers of skin will take longer to heal. The healing time for scrapes of this nature take longer because the new skin begins to form on the outer edges of the wound and grows inward to the center of the wound. When this type of scrap occurs it will generally look white at first and some fat cells may be visible.

The Importance Of Scabs To The Healing Time For Scrapes

Scrapes do not always form scabs. The formation of a scab does not necessarily mean the healing time for scrapes will be faster. Scabs can crack, especially if they are on a joint, which could allow dirt to get into the wound and create an infection. Scabs can also fall off prematurely which can cause the healing time to start over again. Many times when a wound is washed on a daily basis a scab will not form because the scab forming tissue is removed by the washing process. This is not bad as long as the wound is kept covered. The new skin will grow under the bandage. While this process does lengthen the healing time, sometimes it is the best option especially if the wound is on a joint or would be exposed to dirt or other debris if left uncovered.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the healing time for scrapes. Proper treatment on a daily basis is the best way to speed the healing time. A wound that becomes infected will make the healing time that much longer. Determine the severity of the wound, the amount of skin that is missing, as well as the sincerity devoted to keeping the wound clean. That information will go a long way towards estimating the healing time for scrapes.

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