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How To Make Mock Deer Scrapes Safely


Safety is the key in learning how to make mock deer scrapes. Anytime sharp objects are involved, basic first aid knowledge is essential. When someone ventures into the wilderness, a stocked first aid kit needs to be taken with them. Before deciding to learn how to make mock deer scrapes it is essential to have some basic first aid knowledge and to make a stocked first aid kit part of the hunting gear carried.

Learning How To Make Mock Deer Scrapes

Damaging branches the way a deer would is the key to learning how to make mock deer scrapes. The tree branch needs to look like it has been gnarled by a buck. This can be done by twisting and bending the branch or by using a knife or other sharp object to manipulate the branch into a gnarled shape. A mock rub will need to be made as well. This is done by removing a section of bark from a tree so it appears a buck has been rubbing against it. An object such as a shovel or large branch will be needed to create a disturbed appearance on the ground. Once this is done, it is time to apply urine to the area to create the scent.

How To Make Mock Deer Scrapes Without Injury

When learning how to make mock deer scrapes, being aware of what is around you as well as what you are doing can help you avoid injury. Look at the area where you will learn how to make deer scrapes, do you see broken glass, broken tree branches that are hanging in mid-air or metal? If so, choose another spot. When manipulating the tree branch, make sure there are not other branches that could fall and hit you. Stand back so the branch cannot easily slap you in the face and wear safety glasses so when shards of wood go flying they do not get in your eyes. When using a knife cut away from your body. Keep your feet out of the way of the shovel or stick you are using to poke the ground with.

Be Prepared To Administer First Aid When Making Mock Deer Scrapes

When all else fails and an injury still occurs, be prepared. The right equipment and the knowledge of how to use it can be a lifesaver in the wilderness, especially when you are alone. A hunter’s first aid kit is as essential as a weapon when you are in the woods. The items that make up a hunters’ first aid kit are a whistle, a space blanket, two small flashlights, a small mirror, a clean towel, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic towelettes, wound closure strips, small scissors’, medical tape, latex gloves and sterile gauze pads. Before you head out to learn how to make mock deer scrapes, learn some basic first aid so you know how to use the items in your first aid kit before an accident occurs. Knowledge can make a world of difference when the unexpected happens.

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