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Treating Scrapes At Home


Treating scrapes is something almost everyone will do at some point in their life. Typically, treating scrapes, which happen when a rough objects comes into contact with the skin causing the skin to literally be removed, is done at home. Occasionally, depending on the severity of the scrape, a licensed medical professional will be needed. Treatment should be done by a licensed medical professional if the bleeding cannot be stopped, other tissues such as blood vessels, ligaments or bones are damaged or there is a deep cut. Otherwise, follow these simple steps for treating scrapes at home.

A Simple Three Step Plan For Treating Scrapes At Home

The first step in treating scrapes is to clean the wound once the bleeding has stopped. To stop the bleeding, elevate the affected area, lay a clean, lint free cloth on the wound and apply pressure for fifteen minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, make sure it is slowing down, and then apply pressure again. If the bleeding is not slowing down, consider getting professional medical help.

Once the bleeding has stopped, step two for treating scrapes at home is to thoroughly wash the wound. Use a mild soap and warm water. If soap enters the wound it will sting. It is important that the outer edges of the wound are cleaned so that infection does not become an issue.

Step three for treating scrapes at home is to apply an antibiotic cream to the wound and wrap it so that air born dirt and other bacteria cannot enter the wound. It is important to keep an eye on the wound and the dressing, which should be changed daily. In the event the dressing becomes soiled or wet, change it immediately.

Follow-Up Plan For Treating Scrapes At Home

This simple three step plan used for treating scrapes at home should be used every time the dressing is changed until the wound begins to heal. Once the wound scabs over it is not necessary to redress the wound. It is important, however, to still watch for signs of infection which include swelling, redness, odor and seepage. If any of these signs are present, seek professional medical advice immediately.

Treating scrapes at home is a simple process that anyone can do provided they know what to do and have the proper supplies on hand. Get a first aid kit, keep it stocked and in a visible place in your home. Finally, know some basic first aid. Being prepared makes everyone feel more comfortable even when something simple like treating scrapes needs to be done.


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