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´╗┐Deliberate Use for Punctures of the Skin


Punctures of the skin occur somewhere in the world every day. Some come about accidentally. Bee stings, finding a wood or metal sliver under the skin, stepping on nails, knife cuts, and broken glass shards are some examples of accidental punctures.

But some punctures of the skin happen for a purpose. One example comes from shot vaccinations. A doctor uses a sharp instrument attached to a plastic, or glass tube called a hypodermic needle to pierce the patient's skin. The needle then delivers a small part of the virus, not a contagion, into the patient's blood stream for his or her body to build antibodies against the virus, or disease. A hypodermic is also used to draw blood from patients, or to administer medicines and numbing agents.

Tattoo artisans are able to place life long art drawings on customers skin by using specialized needles. Whether the equipment a tattoo artist utilizes includes one needle, or up to fourteen needles, both forms deliver permanent ink through a series of little punctures of the skin. Depending on the equipment, artist, size and design the customer chose this process can take anywhere from a few hours to weeks and even months to complete.

Earrings and body jewelry give another example of ways punctures of the skin serve a purpose. Professionals follow strict health and safety guidelines when working with piercing of any body part. The tools they use very, but normally piercing is done with sterilized piercing needles. In some malls a piercing gun is used to quickly punch the needle through the client's skin.

It is common for endangered, or other animals studied in the wild, to undergo punctures of the skin when there is a need to tag them. Through tagging scientists and researches can identify an animal's migrating and territory habits. There are two different forms of tags used today. One type is attached to a small securing filament that is pierced into the animals ear, or skin at the neck. Another form comes as an electronic microchip that is implanted under the animals skin. The microchip is somewhat controversial at the moment since there have been cases of tumors developing around the area in some animals.

These are some examples of skin punctures carried out with deliberate results. Regardless of which method is used and for what purpose, professionals must practice health and safety by working with sterilized needles, cleaning the area and equipment thoroughly and teaching the client how to care for any punctures of the skin.

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