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´╗┐Marks and Punctures in Professions


Many professionals use marks and punctures in their every day jobs and careers. By definition a mark is a visible trace or impression made on a surface. Sometimes a mark is referred to as light scratch or gash on the surface of skin. On the other hand, a puncture is a pierce made into one object by another, usually sharp, object, usually resulting in a small hole.

Mention "tattoos" to anyone and most people imagine simple to elaborate artistic designs like dragons, scantly clad women, hearts, a lover's name, tribal symbols, or even tattoos that say, "mom". Unlike temporary tattoos, which are drawn or stuck onto the skin and washed away later, permanent tattoos are inked into the skin with a series of marks and punctures with the use of special needles and equipment.

Reputable tattoo artists use sterilized needle equipment that may hold one pigment needle at a time, or up to fourteen. Once the artist marks the design on the customer's skin with temporary ink the next thing he or she will do is use the special needles to lightly puncture and place permanent pigment under the skin.

Surgeons and Neurologists use marks and punctures in certain circumstances for both major and minor surgery. For instance, lumbar punctures require the professional to mark the lumbar area (lower back) with iodine before puncturing the skin and cerebrospinal fluid with a specialized needle and tube.

In leather working, some of the tools the artist uses are meant to create marks and punctures in the leather. One such tool is a stitching awl. This tool, normally a metal rod with a point on one end and a wooden handle on the other, may be used to make an indention in the leather, or to puncture a hole to be stitched.

Jewelry makers use a steel awl for marks and punctures in certain metals, such as brass, copper, or sterling silver. With the awl artisans create ornate designs as earrings, pendants, bracelets and pins. An awl may be used to punch holes in soft metals before adding a jump ring and neck chain, or to add light scratches to the surface.

Massive machines, such as those used in water well drilling, mark and punctures deep holes into the sand, soil, clay, gravel and solid rock of the Earth. In tougher areas, such as those laced with thick solid stone, water well drillers use a down hole air hammer to break up the rocks with compression, which doubles to blow out the fragments when water is added.

These are just a few examples of how professionals used marks and punctures in certain jobs.

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