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´╗┐Object Punctures Lung


Medical cartoon comics make fun of a variety of illnesses and ailments. Patient's who step on obvious things, the common cold, even an item that punctures lung, or other organs are all susceptible to the cartoonist's whim. There have been comics where the patient is fluttering away like a balloon after a needle punctures lung.

Anyone who has gone through a punctured lung knows it is not a laughing matter, but a very serious one. Accident victims are checked for broken bones, ribs, punctured lungs and organs. The victim doesn't need to see a wound to know there is a problem. Increased difficulty in breathing and coughing up blood is a sure sign something is wrong. Collapsed lungs are a real concern after penetration of the chest has occurred. Air becomes trapped and the lung unable to inflate. The sound of the lung flopping is heard. Some say it sounds similar to cellophane crinkled between the fingertips.

Jagged steel, broken glass, or any other sharp object punctures lung, artery and other vital organs. Also, animals can cause damage to the lung. Bull running, a popular sport in Pamplona where guests run along side bulls, has brought its share of lung problems particularly when the rampaging bulls use their horns to move and run through people their direct path.

Though less frequent, accidents in the hospital where an invasive surgery punctures lung and causes air to leak do happen from time to time. This can lean to partial or complete lung collapse. Immediate measures are taken to fix the problem before the patient suffers permanent damage.

Some procedures require the surgeon to use remove substance from the lungs, such as in a needle biopsy. Normally done by a radiologist, a needle punctures lung on the surface to remove a piece of tissue for examination. The procedure either is done by hand, or through an automated needle system. The patient is expected to lie still and hold his or her breath during parts of the process. The radiologist will collect one, or more tissue samples dependant on need. Once bleeding stops the wound is bandaged. One reason this is done is to determine if cancer is present in a lung nodule.

Animals can suffer punctured lungs as well as humans. Wrestling, playing around, and playful boxing where the victim is struck in the chest all have a possibility of causing a punctured lung.

Symptoms may or may not include blue lips, coughing up blood, dizziness, unable to catch breath, severe pain at the wound sight, muscle spasms, and veins protruding from the neck. Call the emergency room at the very first sign of a breathing problem.

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