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Small holes caused by a sharp object piercing another object are referred to as punctures. Such holes may come about accidentally, or be done with a specific purpose in mind. Some punctures are surface only, while others can pierce deep into the subject.

A doctor visit isn't normally necessary for accidental surface punctures on the skin, such as those performed by a staple, broken glass, wood, or metal splinter. A surface puncture tends to stop bleeding quickly and heal on its own with minimal fuss. It is important to make certain to get all of the foreign object from the skin as the tiniest piece can cause an infection. Seek a doctor if there are signs of prolonged redness, swelling, pus and fluid discharge.

Stepping onto a rusty nail is among some of the more serious types of punctures that require a doctor visit. Tetanus bacteria and spores may be attached to the nail spreading a potentially fatal disease through the nervous system if gone unattended. A tetanus shot is needed immediately to stop the bacteria from spreading. Injuries from a pen or pencil may also require a tetanus shot.

Certain insects and parasites will also puncture skin on both humans and animals. A victim of a bee sting should remove the stinger and clean the wound. Go straight to the hospital if an allergic reaction occurs. Other insects, such as a white worm, may puncture the skin on a dog and lay their larvae in the wound.

Accidental punctures affect more than skin on people and animals. A nail, screw, and broken glass on the road all have the potential to puncture automobile tires. Once that happens the tire may start to deflate to a flat. Use a temporary fix for tire punctures and get the tire fixed as soon as possible to keep the hole from further damaging the tire.

Since punctures are capable of creating major havoc even on heavy metal systems it is vital to always practice safety when dealing with oxygen and hydrogen containers, as well as other dangerous materials.

There are many reasons why to purposely use punctures on humans and animals. The lumbar test, or spinal tap, is used to remove, or study the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Blood infusions and vaccines, such as those used against chicken pox or with a tetanus shot, are done by puncturing the skin and vein with a needle to deliver medicine directly to the blood.

These are just a few causes and reasons for a puncture through the skin, or on every day objects.

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