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´╗┐Avoid the Unforeseen: Sidewall Tire Punctures


Accidents happen no matter how careful the driver. When it comes to tires most automobile accidents happen through unseen objects. A flat tire happens. When it does it is good to be prepared by keeping an automobile tire puncture kit handy, or calling a mechanic. Be aware, unlike nail, screw, or broken glass punctures through the tread, any good tire company will refuse to fix shoulder and sidewall tire punctures. Anyone considering doing so needs to think again.

True, there are kits that claim to fix problems in sidewalls, but for safety reasons it is best to avoid them. There is a good reason why tire companies and dealers refuse to fix sidewall tire punctures. A weakened state leads to failure of the sidewall. The result of which is a tire blow out. This is dangerous at any speed, but the faster the driver is traveling, the more disastrous the accident when a sidewall fails and the tire explodes.

Just as nails, screws, metal and glass shards all have a chance of puncturing the tread they can do the same to the sidewall. But they aren't the only culprits. Sidewalls worn by rubbing, or striking a hardened object, like a curb, metal or concrete surface, can also cause sidewall tire punctures. This is why each tire should be checked on a regular basis. Minor vehicle to vehicle accidents can do as much damage to a sidewall or shoulder as major ones. Even a bent rim can cause rubbing and weakening in the sidewall.

So what do you do when you discover sidewall tire punctures? Not repair it. Unfortunately, all you can do is safely discard the tire according to state and county laws and purchase a new replacement.

Concerned with the safety of their customers, and to avoid being sued in case of accidental blow outs, many tire manufacturers are working on creating puncture resistant tires. More expensive tires fall under this category. Stick with brands you trust. Just remember that none are one hundred percent perfect as of yet. Sidewall tire punctures may be less common in these types of tires, but they still exist.

When purchasing a tire used, or new, it is recommended that the buyer check the tire over for signs of wear and tear. Even a brand new tire that has never been put on a vehicle before can be damaged if it was moved across a manufacturing floor covered in metal cuttings and shards. Avoid a tire where the sidewall appears scraped, rubbed, or cut as these are all sure signs of a potential sidewall failure.

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