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Treating Face Lacerations Wisely


When face lacerations happen, most people have quite a few concerns. Of all the locations for lacerations to take place, the face is generally the most visible. Taking the right steps to promote healing and prevent scarring is vital.

How to handle first aid for face lacerations will depend a great deal on how severe the wounds happen to be. Before doing anything to treat facial lacerations, size up the situation. If the lacerations are particularly deep, seeking medical attention immediately is likely in order. Stitches might be necessary to help lessen permanent damage in the case of deep lacerations.

For minor face lacerations, the first steps involved in first aid require cleaning the wound and stopping the flow of blood. Keep in mind, facial wounds do tend to bleed rather heavily, even if they are minor. Don't be too alarmed unless the bleeding will not stop or the wounds are particularly deep.

To stop the flow of blood and begin cleaning out the wound, blot carefully with a clean, damp white cloth, if one is available. If blood flow will not stop, apply pressure. Once this is done, cleaning the wound out further with peroxide is likely in order to help prevent infection. If any foreign objects happen to be caught in the laceration, examine to see if they can be removed, or if medical attention is in order.

Once face lacerations are well cleaned, consider an antibiotic ointment to help promote healing. Also, it might be necessary to bandage the wound to prevent contamination. What will work best for this depends on the exact location and size of the lacerations in question. Regular, over the counter bandages will work for smaller wounds. Gauze pads and tape will likely be required for lacerations that cover a greater surface area. For wounds that are not deep, bandaging might not be required at all.

If face lacerations happen to be caused by metal objects or fragments are stuck in the skin, it is wise to seek out medical attention. Making sure all foreign objects are removed from the skin is important to help with healing. Plus, if metal did cause the lacerations, a tetanus shot might be in order.

Facial lacerations can be a very big cause for concern. Since the face is the most visible part of the body, taking steps to lessen the chances of scars being left behind is important. It is also very important to properly clean the wounds to prevent infection. If there is any question about the severity of face lacerations, medical attention is likely in order.

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