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Red Cross First Aid Kit – Calling Upon the Experts


When you purchase a Red Cross first aid kit, it’s like picking up the phone and calling upon the experts in an emergency. There’s probably no other symbol more recognized for emergency services than the simple Red Cross logo. It’s a comforting sign that help is near-by.

The Red Cross are professionals with decades of experience that began under the most difficult conditions – the battle field. Over the years the Red Cross has learned through practice what supplies need to be carried in a first aid kit. In time, different kinds of kits were developed to accommodate different needs.

• Home and travel first aid kits
• Disaster supply first aid kits
• Individual first aid kits
• Under the table first aid kits
• Emergency preparedness first aid kits

Each kit serves a particular purpose with its carefully packed supplies. When you own a Red Cross First Aid kit, you’re actually getting the benefit of professional expertise in meeting minor, and even major, emergency needs. The supplies are stored in various kinds of containers you can choose among.

• Vintage style bags with zippered compartments
• Hard plastic boxes
• Safety tubes
• Soft-sided bags

The number of choices you have when purchasing a Red Cross first aid kit tells you the Red Cross understands that different situations require different kinds of kits. The traditional kits carry all the necessary first aid supplies for home and travel minor emergency needs. The supplies include band-aids, ointments, scissors, bandages, aspirin, gloves and compresses to name a few items.

But the Red Cross first aid kit is also available as an emergency preparedness kit. Emergency kits include basic first aid supplies and many other items you might need in the event of loss of utilities or water. The preparedness kits contain items like flashlights, spare batteries, emergency blanket, water, whistle and rain poncho. Emergency kits are ideal first aid and disaster packages that can make traumatic experiences much more bearable.

The Red Cross makes many other specialized kits also. For example, if you work in the field of law enforcement, the American Red Cross body fluids clean-up kit is a necessity to keep on hand. All of the kits are designed to either be stored on a shelf, in the car or carried on the belt. Larger kits in plastic lined canvas bags also have shoulder straps.

If you need a first aid kit, the Red Cross has a solution that will meet your needs. You can shop online and browse the many different kinds of first aid kits available for sale. The Red Cross first aid kit makes an ideal present to give family or friends too.

The Red Cross has been serving in disaster situations for many decades. Through war, famine, hurricanes and tornadoes, and floods the Red Cross has been ready to assist. You too can be prepared for the minor emergencies in your life by owning a Red Cross first aid kit.

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