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Vintage First Aid Kit – When Canvas Went to War


A vintage first aid kit is a monument to those World War II soldiers that first carried individual kits into battle. Hung on their belts, the small kits contained essential first aid supplies such as bandages and water purification tablets. The Red Cross also is associated with the use of first aid kits in the field of battle. In fact, most people easily recognize the older Red Cross vintage first aid kits.

A vintage first aid kit has a very distinctive appearance. It’s made out of green canvas and has a flap that closes with a metal latch. On the closed flap you can find the Red Cross logo and the embroidered words “American Red Cross – Field Service”. Inside the bag are compartments which organize the contents. In addition, the vintage first aid kit has either a belt loop or a shoulder strap depending on the size.

The vintage first aid kit is designed to accommodate a single person in most cases. The supplies inside the bag are very basic which is reminiscent of long ago days before electronic gadgets.

• Bandages of various sizes
• Gauze tape
• Ointment
• Compress
• Gloves
• Band-aids
• Antiseptic wipes or solution
• Small scissors

Some of the emergency vintage first aid kit supplies will also include items like a flashlight, breathing mask and even food bars that can be stored for extended periods of time. With a well stocked vintage first aid kit, soldiers and Red Cross nurses could spend many days in the field surviving on very little. The kits were essential survivor packs that served many purposes.

A vintage first aid kit makes a very unusual gift for someone in your life that needs a kit. It’s a bit of history but is also a very useful set of supplies for emergencies. It makes a wonderful present for those who appreciate the outdoors also. Designed to be a field kit originally, it still makes a great individual first aid packet for boy scouts, campers, boaters and sports enthusiasts. It’s perfect for hikers since it can be hung on the belt. It’s also ideal for those who want to look authentic in costume.

The vintage first aid kit is very reasonably priced and can be purchased online. There are not many gifts you can find that represent an important piece of history and are still as useful as they were the first day they saw field action. When you’re tired of buying gifts that get put on the shelf and never used, the vintage first aid kit may be the perfect alternative.