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First Aid Kit Checklist – Making a List and Checking It…Three Times!


A first aid kit checklist can be an invaluable tool in several ways. First, it can be used to insure that kit supplies are always stocked at the desired levels. Second, the checklist can help you make sure the right items are always in the cabinet. Third, a checklist can be designed for each first aid kit you own.

Different first aid kits are designed to handle various needs. There are industrial kits, pet kits, baby kits, senior citizen kits, travel kits and home kits to name a few. Each kit is usually customized to handle minor emergencies in specific settings. In other words, each kit needs a first aid kit checklist.

The first aid kit checklist is used in a couple of ways. A checklist normally provides a list of items that should be in the first aid kit. Next to the item names are the quantity of items. You can check off the items used as they are pulled out of the kit which makes it much easier to refill the kit. Checklists can also be used like a shopping list to provide assistance with choosing the right items.

Many first aid kits have special items in them designed to meet particular needs. You can find first aid checklists for lots of purposes. For example, a first aid kit for a pet horse will be very different than a first aid kit for a family with an infant. Knowing how to pack particular first aid kits can be a daunting task. A pre-prepared first aid kit checklist can make the job a whole lot easier. A checklist will help you make sure you don’t forget something important.

In fact, even if you currently have a first aid kit on hand, it would behoove you to print out a checklist and verify your kit is complete. The time to double check a first aid kit isn’t when someone has injured him or herself. It’s frustrating to reach for a band-aid that should be there and find it missing. It’s just as frustrating to require tweezers and realize you never thought about needing them to pull out a splinter. That’s how common checklists can be worth their weight in gold.

If you are a bit stymied as to how to design or choose a first aid kit, the checklist can be a great assistant. The first aid checklist prepared by experienced professionals can help you decide what you need to keep in your first aid kit. Once you make using the checklist a habit, you’ll never come up short a band-aid again!