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Dog First Aid Kit – Taking Care of My Friend


A dog first aid kit is used to care for pets that are more like friend and family than animal. Pet owners are notorious for treating their pets as special members of the household. Yet you have a first aid kit on hand for your human family members, but probably not the pet you consider a friend.

There are plenty of reasons why having a dog first aid kit on hand can be important. Accidents can happen to animals just like they happen to humans. In addition, dogs often travel with their owners making them even more susceptible to accidents and injury. Dogs entered in pet shows are frequent travelers and being able to handle minor emergencies can be critical during events.

The items which should be included in a dog first aid kit as a minimum include the following.

• Tweezers
• Scissors
• Nail clippers
• Towels
• Rectal thermometer
• Lubricant
• Latex gloves
• Gauze
• Antibiotic wound medicine
• Eye wash solution
• Ear cleaning solution
• Activated charcoal to treat accidental poisoning
• Eye dropper

This list is not complete by any means but only represents the most basic dog first aid kit supplies. There are also other items that should be included and are important because you’re dealing with an animal. For example, you need a muzzle or soft cloth you can turn into a muzzle while treating the dog. You should also include a nylon leash, a blanket or floor mat for a stretcher, splints and an ear syringe.

In addition to the normal dog first aid kit supplies, you should also include the name and number of the veterinarian, a brief history of the dog’s health and a list of medications. Of course, if the dog is on medication your dog first aid kit should always contain an emergency supply.

You can purchase a dog first aid kit that contains essential supplies. The kit can be easily supplemented with items particular to your dog or your home and travel pet needs. A pet first aid kit can be kept in both the home and the car. Some people purchase pre-assembled kits while others buy individual items and create a customized dog first aid kit.

If you have a beloved pet, it only makes sense to be prepared to handle minor emergencies that may arise. The dog first aid kit is a convenient pack that holds all necessary medical supplies for home treatment and includes items to protect the owner while handling the pet. You can include anything you want in your kit including nutritional supplements.

A dog first aid kit is an essential item for a dog lover.

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