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Help Is On the Way in a First Aid Kit!


A first aid kit is more than just a few band-aids and a tube of ointment. It's an emergency pack that just may enable you to minimize damage from a burn or stop a flow of blood. The first aid kit provides emotional security by providing the confidence you need to address emergencies in your home, at work or while traveling.

Have you ever cut yourself and had to hold a rag on the cut while desperately looking for a band-aid? It's an all too familiar scenario that could be avoided by simply having a first kit on hand and stored in a designated spot. When a family member or office worker, including you, experiences a cut or burn, knowing exactly where the first aid kit is kept can prevent panic and frantic searches in the medicine cabinet.

The first aid kit is designed to treat non-emergency situations that don't require a doctor or to provide immediate care in an emergency situation. Kits can be small or large and the size of the pack is usually determined by the number of people who may access it over time. The larger the family or office using the kits, the more items needed. But every first aid kit has basic items that are used to treat minor injuries and hopefully prevent or reduce the chances for infection.

• Antibiotics
• Dressings
• Band aids
• Ointments
• Eye wash
• Thermometer
• Soap
• Cleanser towelettes
• Small scissors

The larger first aid kits will have the listed items and many more. There may be over-the-counter medications such as laxatives, aspirin or antacid tablets. When choosing a first aid kit for the family, it's important to consider special needs also. For example, if you have an infant in the family, you'll want to purchase a kit with baby ointment and lotions among other necessities.

The point is that having a first aid kit handy is important for home and office emergencies that can occur for many reasons. It may be a minor emergency that involves a small cut on the hand that happens while doing household chores. It could be a light burn experienced from spilled coffee. But it could also be the kit you grab during a sudden emergency situation resulting from injuries due to bad weather.

A fist aid kit for the office or home should be purchased in a size that meets the needs of the number of people potentially using the kit. It can be large or small, but always has essential first aid items. A first aid kit can provide the assurance you need that minor emergencies can be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

A first aid kit lets you know you can skip the rag on the cut, because you know exactly where the band-aids are at all times. They're in the first aid kit!

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