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´╗┐What are the Causes of Food Born Illness?


The main reason why a person gets a food born illness is often because he or she ingested a food that is contaminated by bacteria. Also termed food poisoning, food born illness can occur because of a number of different reasons.

One of the more common reasons why the food a person eats can be a source of food born illness is because of unsanitary food preparation techniques or careless food handling. This is usually the fault of the person who prepares the food, whether it is a cook in a restaurant or yourself. The usual cause of a food born illness is food that is not cooked properly. Since a lot of bacteria die with the use of heat, the possibility of a person getting an illness from raw food or slightly uncooked food is quite high. The usual sources of bacteria that can cause food born illnesses such as salmonella poisoning are raw eggs, raw poultry or food products that are not cooked well enough to kill the bacteria that are present in the ingredients.

Another possibility that may cause a food born illness is the unsanitary way that certain food is prepared and sold. This is often true in a lot of third world countries where very cheap food is prepared in unhygienic conditions. The usual food born illness that emerges from such a practice is typhoid, and this illness is often transmitted via food that is contaminated. The contamination can come from the cooking, like the use of dirty water in the creation of the food or drinks being served, or through the selling technique, like when the person serving the food is not wearing the proper food handling gear like sterile gloves. Typhoid can also be passed on when a person serving the food fails to wash his or her hands prior to preparing the food.

These illnesses that are passed on with the food we eat can be taken care of with the use of antibiotics or with the simple passing of time. The usual symptoms of food poisoning or illnesses caused by infected food include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and subsequently, dehydration. Care should be taken when a person eats and prepares food since these food transmitted illnesses can be pretty painful and even fatal if left unchecked. If you are suffering from food born illness and the symptoms do not seem to be going away after a day or two, it is advisable that you see a doctor. With the proper medication, the illness will usually subside within a short time.

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