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The Most Common Examples of Viral Illness


A viral illness is an illness that is transmitted through a virus, and it can either be categorized as a minor illness or a major disease. The number of viral illnesses that a person can catch is actually quite numerous, and many of them can be very detrimental to a person’s health.

An example of a viral illness that can easily mean the death of a person is the disease called AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This viral illness is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world today, and while people are working overtime to find a cure for it, there is still no known cure that is totally effective. There are medications that can help prolong the life of a person who is afflicted by AIDS or infected with the HIV virus; however, they cannot prevent fatality. AIDS is caused by the Human Immuno-Deficiency virus, and it causes a person to be increasingly susceptible to a plethora of illnesses and diseases that can result in death. AIDS can be transmitted in a few different ways but transmission through the air is not possible. Fluid transfer is the most common way this viral illness is spread, and some examples of such fluid transfer include blood transfusions, the use of infected needles and sex.

Another well known viral illness that is spread via human contact is hepatitis. This disease is also fatal, depending on the kind of hepatitis a person has. It can be spread through human contact, fluid transfer and even the use of items like spoons and glasses that are not sterilized. There are a lot of ways a person can get hepatitis, and a blood test can be conducted to determine if a person is suffering from it.

There are also other minor viruses that can affect a person, like the common cold virus and the flu. These are easy to get, but they are just as easy to get rid of. The way a person can get these illnesses is also easy, that is, via fluid transfer and even through the air. Such illnesses will usually cause mild sickness and discomfort, and they can be easily treated with medication or they will just go away with time.

The viruses that cause the abovementioned illnesses manifest themselves in different ways. These manifestations appear in the form of symptoms that can point to one viral infection or another. There are viral diseases that can be easily diagnosed as the symptoms are visible to the naked eye, like mumps and chicken pox, and there are those that have to be determined via detailed medical tests, like HIV and hepatitis.

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