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´╗┐Learn More about Cat Illness


Has your cat ever been sick or afflicted with a particular cat illness before? Have your ever seen your cat suffer from such a cat illness and found yourself at a loss as to what you should do to help your pet get well? Of course, when you see that your cat is sick, the most natural thing to do is to bring it to the nearest veterinary clinic and have the experts care for your ailing feline.

When you find that your pet is beset with a particular cat illness, you should take note of the symptoms that your pet is suffering from and the time when these symptoms started. If you have a sick person at home, you will usually take note of symptoms, additional problems with the illness and so on. You should also do the same for you pet since knowing what to tell your vet when you are asked about these things can help in the diagnosis of the cat illness that your pet is suffering from.

If we are to enumerate some of the most common illnesses that affect cats, the first one that will be on the list is urinary tract infections. While most people may think that this is not a cat illness and it only happens to humans, the truth is a lot of felines do suffer from this kind of an affliction. Also called UTI, this illness often cause a cat to have a difficult time peeing and sometimes it can even result in bloody urine. Symptoms for this cat illness may vary from one pet to another, and while a lot of the cats that have this illness do get cured rather easily, there are those that have rather severe cases of this illness and they need to be taken to a vet since this can easily cause a kidney infection which can be infinitely worse.

Another common cat illness that pet owners face is the illness that is equivalent to human cold. This kind of a cat ailment is very contagious, and if a pet owner has more than one cat, the possibility of all the felines in the house contracting this respiratory infection is pretty high. Of course, for one cat to get this, it has to come into contact with another cat that has it. If all your pet cats are in the house all the time and they do not meet with stray cats or other felines that may have this illness, chances are they will be safe from it.

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