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´╗┐The Common Types of Foodborne Illness


A foodborne illness is a disease or an ailment that a person gets through the ingestion of food or even drink that is contaminated with certain viruses or bacteria. When a person gets a foodborne illness, he or she will most likely suffer from such symptoms like stomach cramps, sweating, loose bowel movement or diarrhea, and even vomiting. The kind of foodborne illness that a person gets may be mild enough to cause just a few hours of discomfort or serious enough to land him in a hospital bed, or for worse, result in fatality.

There are a few common kinds of food transmitted illnesses and most of them are often caused by bacteria. One common type of bacteria that is the cause of foodborne illness is salmonella which is often found in eggs and poultry as well as frozen and cooked food that is left uneaten for a long time. The usual cause of salmonella may be raw eggs or eggs that are not cooked properly, poultry that is allowed to sit out in the open before it is prepared for cooking and unhygienic cooking practices that expose food to the bacteria.

The most common results of salmonella poisoning are vomiting and diarrhea that has blood and some mucus in it. The person suffering from this illness will also feel nauseous as a result of the foodborne illness that the salmonella bacteria cause. Most of the time, the foodborne illness known as salmonellosis is relatively harmless, and it may cause discomfort which is brought about by abdominal cramps.

Even when a foodborne illness like salmonellosis is relatively harmless, one should look out for the side effects that are associated with it. One of the things that a person who is suffering from salmonella poisoning should look out for is dehydration. Since he will be discharging most of what is in his system through vomiting and loose bowel movements, he should take care to replenish the lost liquids and electrolytes that he loses in the process.

There is one foodborne illness that is rather dangerous, and it is caused by one strain of the salmonella bacteria called the Salmonella Typhi. This strain of bacteria is what causes typhoid fever, and while this illness is not prevalent in the US, it has been the cause of numerous deaths elsewhere, particularly in third world countries that do not have very hygienic food preparation practices, where living quarters are cramped together in small crowded places. To prevent this illness, you have to make sure that you only eat food that is prepared in hygienic conditions.

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