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Anger Illness – Can You Control It or Will It Control You?


In the present day and age, many people suffer from anger illness because of the pressures they face in their daily lives. And the way that they can get this rage under control is all a matter of how they can cope with the stresses of life and the other problems that may trigger the occurrence of this anger illness. The main reason why people suffer from anger illness is not because they have a low level of patience or tolerance for the situations that cause them to be angry, but because of the lack of an outlet for such an emotion which is usually a result of accumulated suppression of the pressures of their daily activities.

Anger illness can also be the result of emotional distress, and the only way a person can release the pain that such an emotional problem causes is to lash out at the nearest possible person he can find. The occurrence of anger illness can also be due to the combination of tiredness, stress and other such factors and the person suffering from such an illness usually succumbs to it by raging at the person who may have caused such tiredness or stress, or at an innocent person who just happen to be around at the worst possible time.

The usual sufferers of anger illness are mothers who are constantly feeling pressured by their daily routines and the people in their lives. While most people do not really mean to pressure the person suffering from anger illness, the pressure that everyday living and the responsibilities that a mother faces often result in her bursting out in anger at the slightest provocation. The usual victims of the raging are often the people closest to her, her children and her spouse, and this can cause a huge rift in the family unless a solution is exacted.

If you find that you are a victim of anger illness, you should try to find ways to get your anger under control. While there are times when you might not get your anger under wraps, trying to do so will help you and your family in the long run. One technique you can use is to breathe deeply when you are feeling the anger rising. Close your eyes for a few seconds to a full minute and breathe deep. This can calm you down a bit and help you assess the situation with a calmer state of mind.

Another thing you can do when you feel the urge to lash out is to put yourself in the shoes of your kids or your spouse. You can always remember how you behaved when you were a kid and how you felt when you were scolded as a kid. This will help you put things in a proper perspective and give you the patience to bring your anger under control.

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