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What is Category Fictional Characters with Mental Illness All About?


When you say that a character in a story belongs to the category fictional characters with mental illness, you are basically saying that the person in the story is someone who is suffering from a mental disorder of some sort and this disorder will show in the way the character behaves in the story. There are a lot of characters in stories from way back that belong to the category fictional characters with mental illness.

Some of the more popular fictional characters in stories that are part of the category fictional characters with mental illness include such characters like Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth and the Mad Hatter in the children's popular story Alice in Wonderland. These fictional characters that belong to the category fictional characters with mental illness often portray such far out behavior that is considered abnormal, or they display certain quirks that can be easily compared to the symptoms of certain mental illnesses that we know of today.

Aside from these characters that are under the category fictional characters with mental illness being portrayed as people who are suffering from some of the known mental problems plaguing the world today, there are some characters that are not really mentally ill but they somehow show characteristics that are reflective of certain mental disorders or problems. Some of the fictional characters that belong to the category fictional characters with mental illness that show a certain allusion to mental problems that “transform” a person into something else are those very popular characters like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as well the comic book character created by Stan Lee called the Incredible Hulk. These two are prime examples of fictional characters that display extremely different personalities in one person, one side being good or mild mannered and the other being the epitome of a character with extreme evil or uncontrollable rage.

The depiction of certain mental illnesses in a lot of fictional characters is pretty common, and it is often seen as a way to excuse certain antagonists in a story as people who are suffering from mental illness or something that came from a traumatic experience. The number of movies that depict this kind of a situation is rather numerous and some of the more famous ones include the horror movie Psycho, the classic A Streetcar Named Desire and the comedy Me, Myself and Irene. These three show us how some people behave when they are suffering from certain mental problems like multiple personality disorder or even psychosis.

Characters that belong to the category fictional characters with mental illness are often used in stories because their abnormal personalities are particularly attractive to audiences, and they are the reasons why many stories become so popular.

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