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´╗┐The Different Types of Respiratory Illness


There are a lot of different kinds of problems that people experience that are related to their respiratory systems, and the kind of respiratory illness that a person suffers from can range from mild and manageable to serious and fatal. There are infectious and non-infectious respiratory diseases, with the infectious ones often being transmitted via the air or fluid transfer.

The most common respiratory illness is probably asthma. This is a respiratory illness that causes wheezing and difficulty in breathing due to certain elements like stress, dust and other allergens. This respiratory illness can be controlled with the use of certain medicines and medical treatments such as ventilators and inhalers.

There are other more serious kinds of respiratory illnesses, and while asthma can also be fatal, the following diseases of the respiratory system are sometimes viewed as more dangerous. One such respiratory illness that is dangerous and can be very fatal is tuberculosis or TB. This respiratory illness is an illness that is caused by certain mycobacteria that usually attack a person's lungs, although there may be times when the disease can affect more than the person's lungs, depending on the kind of tuberculosis a person has. The cure that a person can get for TB will depend on the severity of the case and the person's system.

There are a lot of different kinds of respiratory illnesses that are known to afflict people in the world today. There are illnesses that affect the upper respiratory tract of a person like the common cold, strep throat and other such problems. There are also lower respiratory problems like pneumonia or bronchitis. All these belong to the respiratory illness category and they can be treated by doctors who specialize in the area of respiratory illnesses. Another common yet dangerous respiratory illness is lung cancer. This respiratory problem is often brought about by the habit of smoking and even with the inhalation of second hand smoke over a long period of time. While there are a few rare cases of people developing lung cancer despite the absence of these elements, the more prevalent cause of this respiratory disease is the inhalation of cigarette smoke.

These are just some of the respiratory problems that are afflicting people nowadays, and the cures for these respiratory diseases or problems vary according to the severity and kind of disease that is present, and the health condition of the person who is afflicted. There are many things that you can do to prevent the occurrence of a respiratory illness, such as exercising and getting your fair share of fresh air.

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