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´╗┐Learn the Seriousness of Spiral Fractures


Fractures are the same as broken bones. Since we have many different bones in our body, there are going to be many types of fractures. Some of the most common are compound, simple, open, closed, etc. There are also fractures by less common names such as spiral fractures. The fact that these names are less common, however, does not mean that the fractures are any less common, which is the case with spiral fractures. Fractures are given their names based on what part of the bone is involved as well as the severity of the break. In addition, they are broken down even further depending on how the fracture runs in the bone such as longitudinal, spiral, oblique, linear, etc.

Spiral fractures are serious fractures that are probably going to cause more problems than a simple fracture. Spiral fractures are a type of bone fracture where the bone has been twisted apart. Also referred to as a torsion fracture, a spiral fracture is a very unstable fracture that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort in addition to being more difficult to heal. The fracture has the appearance of a corkscrew and runs parallel with the broken bone's axis. In many instances, spiral fractures are misdiagnosed as oblique fractures. A major difference is that spiral fractures occur when some sort of movement is taking place whereas oblique fractures can take place without the movement or activity. Oblique fractures are much more difficult to find than spiral fractures, even with an X-ray.

Spiral fractures are often seen in young children and often as a result of twisting and falling. For many years, when young toddlers were brought into emergency for spiral fractures, child abuse was suspected because of the type of fracture. The medical staff would assume that a break that bad had to be brought on by child abuse. Through research and study, they are now aware that young children can easily get fractures, including spiral fractures in their normal daily activities such as playing and falling. Spiral fractures are no longer limited to young children and toddlers.

Symptoms of spiral fractures are usually similar to other fractions. These symptoms include swelling, pain at the site of the break and inability to use the limb with the break. Because the bone is twisted in a spiral fraction, there will be a lot of discomfort. It's important to seek medical attention as soon as possible to aid in the treatment and healing process. The type of treatment recommended by the doctor will depend on how badly the bone is broken. Rest and a cast is always the first thing they'll recommend. Surgery may be recommended if the break is very severe.

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