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´╗┐Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation


The Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation was set up in 1998 by a physician who had actually worked for several years in the adult pornography industry. Dr. Sharon Mitchell has starred in over 2000 adult films before working with Dr. Stephen York to establish the non profit Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation or AIM Foundation. The two doctors wanted to set up a safe, confidential and central place where those individuals working in the adult film industry or in other adult type professions could access health information specifically on issues relating to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/ AIDS.

The goals of the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation are to educated porn stars, both male and female, to the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, to encourage the use of condoms in filming and other sexual activities as well as provide education to the industry and those potentially at the greatest risk for STD's (sexually transmitted diseases). There are other issues at the heart of the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation however and they include information on pregnancy and risks associated with performing in sexually explicit films during pregnancy, the dangers and risks of cosmetic surgery, alcohol and drug treatment options for those working in the adult film industry or sex industry as well as counseling and support groups for those working in the business.

The Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation is not against the porn industry, rather they are working to provide a safe, disease and risk free environment for those that choose this as a career. Many of the volunteers that work at the support groups or that work as certified drug dependency counselors through the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation are, like Dr. Mitchell, prior porn stars that are now returning to the industry to provide education and support to current workers. The Foundation does provide limited scholarships to porn workers that wish to get out of the industry and return back to school to train for another type of career.

The website for the AIM Foundation offers a wealth of information about HIV/AIDS testing as well as different types of sexually transmitted diseases. The information is both practical as well as medical in description and since it is all located on one site and is reviewed by a doctor readers can be sure that they are getting the correct information, rather than relying on information from others that may not really know what they are discussing.

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