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´╗┐Preventative Medical Care


One of the most important aspects of medical care in all areas and countries of the world is the preventative care aspect. Preventative medical care involves vaccinations, regular check ups and routine health screenings to determine at risk populations as well as to diagnosis and treat medical problems as early as possible. High levels of preventative medical care can also minimize or even completely eliminate many of the common health problems that tend to become more serious and even life threatening as they progressively develop.

It is sometimes difficult to convince insurance companies and even the general public that regular doctor visits as well as general preventative medical care is the key to longer and healthier lives. According to the American Heart Association there were over 516,000 coronary artery bypass procedures were done on patients in the United States in 2006. Without many of the preventative programs currently in place for patients with risks for heart disease it is likely that this number would be doubled, simply overwhelming the healthcare system. In addition the individuals treated for heart attack and stroke are also placed on preventative medical care treatments that encourage regular exercise, better diet and routine doctors visits to assist in the detection of any possible concerns or reoccurrences.

Medical care in the form of preventative vaccinations is important in both developed and developing countries. Many of the historically devastating diseases such as polio and tuberculosis are kept in check by routine vaccination of children. Typically countries that don't employ a routine preventative medical care vaccination programs are the only countries these disease will be found.

Other conditions and diseases that are both identified and treated routinely through preventative medical care programs and screenings include diabetes mellitus, obesity, alcohol and drug related illnesses, dietary and nutritional imbalances and conditions, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In addition screenings for breast and prostrate cancer as well as colon cancer have all shown to be health and cost effective in early diagnosis and treatment, as well as identifying lifestyle changes that would be beneficial for the individual.

Increasing the emphasis on routine preventative health care is considered to be a key point of many of the employee health programs and private insurance programs now offered. Insurance companies are realizing that paying a bit more for preventative care can really decrease the overall costs of treatment in the long run.

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