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´╗┐Cross Border Medical Care Around The World


Cross border medical care is always a concern when you have populations of people on each side of a border area, one country or area having good medical care and the other having inferior levels of medical care. In these situations cross border medical care tends to be most problematic for the better equipped country as individuals from the other country try to gain access to the medical health system.

In countries where the border area is largely unprotected or unregulated, this cross border medical care issue can become very challenging, especially when hospitals, emergency rooms and community clinics are overwhelmed by the citizens of the neighboring country. This heavy burden on the cross border medical care providers can cause a lot of political and economic stress in the area and leads to a huge number of ethical dilemmas for the treating physicians and medical staff. Often tighter restrictions on the admission and treatment of patients are very hard to enforce, especially in countries where health care and health care services are considered a priority for everyone.

Some insurance companies offer cross border medical care policies that are specifically designed for individuals that travel, live or do business in more than one country. Unlike travel insurance the cross border medical care insurance is more specific and encompassing in its care and policies plus it is less costly than full travel insurance. Cross border medical care insurance is usually for one or two countries only, allowing the insurance company to work with offices or insurance companies that they are affiliated with in the other countries. Typically the countries included in the insurance policy will be limited based on the insurance companies ability to negotiate and work with the insurance companies in the other country.

There are health nets or mobile health clinics that are used by several different countries around the world to attempt to minimize the strain on cross border medical care facilities. In these countries a rotation of physicians and medical staff either use mobile type clinics or rotate through set clinics in the border region to provide basic health care services without the patients having to travel into other countries. Some health net or health insurance providers also offer coverage for residences of either country to travel back and forth in specific regions or states to gain health care in the country of their choice.

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