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A Career in Medical Nursing: Patient Care Tech


As one of the more popular starting points in medical nursing, patient care tech jobs are becoming more popular both as an entry level position as well as a career position in larger hospitals, clinics and treatment centers. Within medical nursing, patient care tech professionals work with doctors, nurses and other hospital staff in direct contact with the patients, providing the day to day care to many of the patients within the facility. Unlike the staff that has completed a degree in medical nursing, patient care tech professionals will qualify for a CNA or certified nursing assistant credential after completing the required classes and successfully passing the examination.

Besides the basics for medical nursing, patient care techs will also complete such activities as blood collection, also known as phlebotomy, basic laboratory operation and procedures, perform CPR, provide first aid as well as perform electrocardiograms (EKGs) as well as help in medical examinations. Each individual in the medical nursing, patient care tech program will gain knowledge through classroom activities but will also complete real world practical skills development in a hospital or treatment center as part of their course of study.

The important of the patient care technicians or PCTs in the hospital and treatment facilities is becoming more important as the demand for services increases with the ever aging population. Many of the medical nursing patient car tech professionals will find work in long term care facilities and nursing home or assisted living homes that provide basic care for residents. In these types of environments the PCT may work one on one with a particular group of patients providing light personal care as well as general daily living support.

Many PCTs that work in hospitals and clinics work directly under the supervision of a head nurse or doctor completing charts, measuring and recording vital statistics for patients as well as doing general laboratory work within the facility. The role of the medical nursing patient care tech can be very different from facility to facility which makes the career attractive for those that want to work in the healthcare field but also want to have a lot of variety and options in their career choices. Often PCTs that go on to complete their CNA program will then further their education and move into nursing careers either in RN (registered nurse) or BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) programs after they have working in the healthcare setting for a few years.

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