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´╗┐Working In A Medical Intensive Care Unit


Nurses and doctors that work in a medical intensive care unit are some of the most highly trained and skilled medical staff in a hospital or clinic setting. A medical intensive care unit is a specialized ward or unit of the hospital where only the most seriously at risk patients are kept, requiring continual supervision and a staff that has the ability to act at a seconds notice to save a life. Often the medical intensive care unit staff will not just consist of doctors and nurses however, there will also be pharmacists, technicians and other staff there to support the patients, professionals and equipment. In most hospitals the medical intensive care unit tends to operate on a team treatment approach with the patients having the benefit of a wide range of professionals to develop the most effective and comprehensive treatment plan. Non traditional medical staff such as dieticians, physical therapists, social workers and occupational therapists will also work on an medical intensive care unit as part of a treatment team.

Working in a medical intensive care unit requires a special type of person. The individual must be able to think on their feet, stay calm under pressure as well as have an ability to work with the most seriously injured and at-risk patients. In addition the staff must also be able to communicate effectively with the families of the patients and help them understand what is being done for the patient and why. Often this communication is essential in helping families and loved ones cope with the serious health issues of the patient.

Some of the issues that the staff working in a medical intensive care unit will need to manage and work with include victims of accidents where there has been severe and profound trauma and injury, victims of heart attacks and strokes, post-operative patients, and patients that are on potentially dangerous types of medical therapies or drug therapies that require constant monitoring. Staff on the medical intensive care unit needs to be ready to resuscitate a patient or provide emergency and life saving treatments whenever required and to work within the unit's policies and procedures for different emergency treatments.

Working in a medical intensive care unit is a challenging career, but it is also very vital and important in the care of patients. Most professionals work in the medical intensive care unit at some point in time in their residency and training with many choosing to stay in this very dynamic and essential area of patient treatment.

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