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´╗┐Care Medical Equipment Options


One of the benefits of having options for buying your own medical equipment through companies such as Care Medical is that you can choose what you want and have the equipment customized if need be. Care Medical is a company that offers medical equipment for sale or rent to private individuals or even to health care facilities and long term care facilities.

Care Medical can provide equipment such as power scooters, wheelchairs, IV equipment and even oxygen equipment for breathing treatments. Since many people cannot afford to purchase the equipment outright or may only need it for a short period of time, renting as opposed to buying may be a far better financial choice. Renting medical equipment from Care Medical or another rental company does provide the benefit of having the item replaced should it malfunction or require repairs. In most cases as long as the damage is not caused by renter misuse the company will simply replace the equipment, usually on the same day if at all possible. Typically most rental agreements will also cover some type of insurance on the equipment while it is being rented.

Renting or purchasing your own medical equipment can also ensure that the patient has the same high quality care that they would have should they stay in a hospital or nursing home. Many patients seem to feel more content and happier when in their own home and renting lift chairs or hospital type beds from Care Medical helps patients stay safe as well as comfortable. Often the cost of the rental of this items is only a fraction of the cost of long term facility care plus it may be completely or almost completely covered by medical or disability insurance. In addition the ability to have the patient at home can provide more options for in home support if the correct equipment is already in use. Many home health care agencies can provide information on equipment rental and will only work in homes where the correct care equipment is available.

Companies such as Care Medical equipment rentals will help patients and their families in working with insurance companies and doctors to get the necessary medical supplies. Often through negotiations with insurance companies the rental agencies can make agreements that a private individual may not have the ability to do. This negotiation process is often a very stressful part of trying to get medical supplies, so if a company can do the process for the patient and family it can be much easier on everyone.

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