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´╗┐Free Medical Care For Low-Income Families


Finding free medical care is difficult for many families, but without access to these services there would be an increased burden on the healthcare system as well as a higher incident of illness within the community. In most areas of the United States as well as in other countries there are options for free medical care for those individuals that are not able to afford traditional forms of medical coverage and insurance. In some countries such as Canada, most of the United Kingdom and even in Australia there free medical care is provided to all citizens of the country through government programs. In other countries such as the United States citizens are responsible for their own health care costs which are typically partially paid by the individuals having either insurance privately or through their employer.

Free medical care in the United States is typically provided through non-profit organizations that are grant funded or rely on contributions and donations from the government and the community to be able to offer services. Typically free medical care is limited in scope to vaccinations and emergency clinic type setting, however free medical care for pregnant women or those in specialized treatment type programs may also be provided through local organizations or even medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics.

The Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) in the United States operates or subsidizes clinics and treatment facilities in most of the larger counties in all states of the United States. Although these are not completely free medical care facilities they do bill according to the patients ability to pay, so for some individuals the services will be provided at no cost. As with all hospitals, clinics and treatment centers these subsidized or non-cost clinics are run under the same guidelines and restrictions and regulations as a traditional type of hospital or treatment facility.

Some of the free medical care facilities offer specialized pregnancy care, rehabilitation for alcohol and drug treatment, child vaccination and routine check ups for children as well as even offer dental treatment as it relates to health issues. Often these clinics are not well advertised in the community however contacting a local help line or even talking to staff at the local hospital or clinic is typically the best way to find out what services are available in or around your specific community. Some of the free medical care services are available on a rotating basis through a series of communities so contacting the HRSA is typically the best way to find out the local schedule, time and location for the clinic.

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