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´╗┐Complete Care Medical Inc: A Patient Centered Company


Complete Care Medical Inc is a company that is designed to provide patients with the support and supplies they need to ensure they can continue on in dealing with injury and disease without hassles and problems. Since many patients that Complete Care Medical Inc deal with will have ongoing needs for medical supplies the company provides a one stop all inclusive supply and billing service to the patient and the doctor.

Some of the groups of patients that Complete Care Medical Inc will work with include those with diabetes, urology problems and diseases and malaria. In addition Complete Care Medical Inc also provides a complete pharmacy department that is licensed in 50 states in the United States and can often provide pharmaceuticals at much less than what traditional store type pharmacies can provide. The company works through doctors that are all pre-approved and determined, which provides patients the ability and freedom to choose doctors that will prescribe through or work with Complete Care Medical Inc with medical billing and insurance forms.

Since Complete Care Medical Inc is able to work directly with the doctors as well as with the insurance companies and the patients they are able to handle all of the paperwork and forms with regards to insurance. Since this can be one of the most stressful and frustrating issues for patients it is one of the biggest selling points of the Complete Care Medical Inc service and is definitely of assistance to chronic patients that will have to deal with forms on a monthly basis. Since Complete Care Medical Inc provides all the medical supplies to the patient it is possible to set up a standard delivery and date, ensuring that the patient will always have the supplies they need when they need them, without having to wait for other companies to ship.

With their unique service perspective and the ability to buy most of the medical supplies and pharmaceuticals in bulk, the company is able to pass on savings directly to the patients. In many cases the medical supplies will be up to 50% less expensive than buying through a traditional medical supply store or chain. Pharmaceuticals and prescriptions are 30-60% less than traditional pharmacy prices, plus there may be more options for generic type medications that will still be covered by insurance plans. Complete Care Medical Inc also provides educational materials as well as consultants to help patients with the use of the medical supplies as well as answer any questions they may have.

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