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´╗┐Options For A Non Medical Home Care Business


One of the fastest growing types of small personal companies in most areas is a non medical home care business. These businesses can be set up with very little overhead cost as they are really selling or promoting a service, rather than a specific product or item. A non medical home care business also doesn't need to have the same insurance and other licenses as a medically based service or home health care program since the employees will not be completing any types of medical procedures.

A non medical home care business provides a variety of types of services to individuals that need some help or assistance to be able to live in their own homes, apartments and residences. The non medical home care business can be small or large depending on how many clients the company wishes to take on. Typical activities that the business may offer include light housework services, some meal preparation, errands, grocery shopping, administration of prescribed medications and assistance with the needs of daily living for the client. Some home care businesses may offer transportation for clients or may even provide companionship or someone to read or spend time in conversation with the client on a scheduled basis.

Starting up a non medical home care business can be done in several different ways. One option is to take over an existing home health care company and simply assume the contracts and responsibilities of the clients from the existing owner. A second option is to buy into a franchise of non medical home care services. There are actually several of these franchise type operations nationally in the United States and there are many more that are based within a particular state. When buying a franchise there will be specific requirements but also assistance with marketing and name recognition.

The most common option is, however, to literally start from scratch. Typically this involves working in the community to advertise the service, spending type building rapport and networking with health care professionals and businesses that provide services to potential clients as well as hiring people to work with the clients. Many home care businesses, even though they are not medically based, do tend to hire people that have some type of health care or mental health background. The type of people that work directly with clients will have a huge impact on referrals as well as on your reputation as a home care company within the community.

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