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´╗┐Complete Medical Health Care For Women


Getting complete medical health care is very important for both women and men of all ages, but for women there are some very specific test and questions they should be asking their physician. Complete medical health care is more than just attending a regular health check up once a year, it includes monitoring your own health between visits and speaking openly and honestly with your doctor or health care provider when you are at the appointment.

Many people, especially women, make assumptions on the changes occurring in their body as they age. Often these changes are simply chalked up to the aging process, however this assumption is often very wrong. Complete medical health care and an ongoing good healthy lifestyle throughout life should decrease the so called effects of aging. Concerns that often are considered part of getting older that are often the earliest signs of a disease such as diabetes, poor circulation or heart disease and include fatigue, muscle aches and pains for no specific reason, stiffness, headaches, frequent urination and emotional mood swings. All of these signs can be caused by minor health issues such as a nutritional imbalance or minor infection to the body, but they are also key components of much larger health issues. Complete medical health care starts with early detection, diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.

All women should have regular once a year gynecological examines to test for cervical cancer or any other type of reproductive system irregularities. Even for women that are not on birth control pills or are not sexually active these examinations are very important in early detection and treatment of any health conditions. In addition women over the age of 40 should have a routine yearly mammogram to test for any cancerous tumors or irregular tissue development in the breasts. Again, like any type of cancer, early detection and immediate treatment is very important. Newer and better drug therapies to help women cope with the hormonal changes of menopause are also available and they can often be prescribed during a complete medical health care exam. Openly and honestly informing the physician or health care provider of any concerns that you have regarding physical, emotional or mental health changes you note is essential. Don't, however, wait until your yearly examination if you are concerned about the symptoms you are experiencing. Find a doctor that you feel comfortable in talking to and be sure to give them all the information you can regarding any conditions or concerns you may have about your physical, emotional or mental health.

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