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A Model For Healthcare: The Arizona Foundation For Medical Care


Unlike many different health care programs throughout the United States that are based on one insurance or health care policy, the Arizona Foundation for Medical Care is a group of physicians, hospitals and laboratories that form a unique network of services to patients across the state. Originally started in 1969 by approximately 800 different doctors, the Arizona Foundation for Medical Care now has over 11,000 physicians and 119 hospitals and 215 laboratories are also included in the services provided. There Arizona Foundation for Medical Care physicians and facilities in over 20,000 locations throughout the state that also encompasses 27 outpatient surgical centers and 255 radiology offices and facilities.

What makes Arizona Foundation for Medical Care a true patient based model is that they do not have one single policy or plan, rather they are a network that supports all types of managed care plans by working directly with the insurance companies and insurance brokers in the best interests of the patients. Patients win the Arizona Foundation for Medical Care services can receive recommendations and referrals to specialists just as people in any other type of more confined plan can, however they have more flexibility in that there are more doctors and facilities already working within the network.

All of the doctors and staff from technicians through to administrative staff must be approved through the Arizona Foundation for Medical Care and meet all state and organizational professional standards. The Arizona Foundation for Medical Care has credentialing requirements that actually exceed the general expectations for health care professionals ensuring that only the top medical staff works with the patients in the service. In addition the Foundation provides research facilities as well as works with several research organizations to provide the latest and best in treatment options for patients.

Since the Arizona Foundation for Medical Care works with such a large group of doctors and facilities as well as works directly with insurance companies and brokers they are able to offer reasonably priced medical services. This complete approach to managed medical care has formed the model that many other states and areas are now using since it is so patient friendly as well as effective in treatment of patients. The emphasis in the organization is really on helping individuals in receiving the services that they need within the constraints of their budget and insurance plans.

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