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Treating Bruises Is A Simple Process


Treating bruises isn't something that necessarily requires medical attention, but there are things sufferers should know about. These contusions are common and generally harmless. In most cases, they can be effectively treated at home. There are, however, some instances where medical advice and even advanced treatment might be required.

What Are Bruises?
Bruises are nothing more than breaks in the small blood vessels in the body near the surface of the skin. The resulting black, blue or purple tint of the skin comes from the blood pooling near the surface. As bruises heal, the discoloration will slowly change and lighten. Treating bruises can sometimes lessen the typical two-week healing process, but this is not always the case.

How To Treat Bruises
Treating bruises is something that generally can be done at home. In most cases, bruises need nothing more than time to go away. It is, however, possible to speed up the healing process a bit. To help lessen their appearance and heal them faster, try:

• Ice. Putting ice on the impacted area for about 20 minutes at a time can relieve pain and help expedite healing. Take care not to leave ice on the wound for too long.
• Warm heat. After a few days, warm heat (not hot) can help promote healing.
• Elevating the affected area. If at all possible, try to elevate the area where the bruise is. This can help with swelling and pain reduction and sometimes speeds up the healing process, as well.
• Topical applications. Some people find topical products like Witch Hazel can help when healing bruises.

When To Call A Doctor
Medical attention is not typically required for treating bruises, but there are times when it is advisable. Some of the triggers for calling a doctor include:

• Bruises do not go away after a two-week period. More advanced means for treating bruises might be required in this circumstance.
• Bruises appear frequently and there has been no reason for them to appear.
• Bruises are painful and become more so over time.
• Swelling is associated with the bruise and it won't go away.
• The bruise is located near the eye.
• It is impossible to move the body near the site of the bruise. For example, fingers are bruised, but they will not move.

Treating bruises is something that normally can be done at home. If some of the warning signs of a more serious condition happen to arise, do contact a doctor for assistance. Most bruises are the body's normal reaction to trauma, but this is not always the case.

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