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´╗┐The Mystery of Unexplained Bruises


The lives of busy people are filled with unprecedented events and unexpected happenings throughout the day. Needless to say, such a rush expects you to be on your toes all the time, rushing from one end to the other. As you manage to complete the chores required of you, you also tend to get the lot of mishaps, injuries and general bodily ailments in the process.

How many of you have halted in surprise for a moment when you saw that ugly little scar on your leg as you were changing for the night? As your kids might be yelling their lungs out for their supper, you quickly go through the events of the day in your mind, wondering when and how you earned yourself such strange and unexplained bruises. While you might get dressed quickly and move on to fulfill the rest of your duties, it is important that you know a few important things about such unexplained bruises.

The Details

Well, the first and most important thing you need to know is that these unexplained bruises generally do not make their presence felt right away. They generally emit a sharp stab of pain the moment as you accidentally touch the sore spot, or worse, when you hit at the affected spot again. In addition, the first sign of a presence of such unexplained bruises is a reddish or bluish-purple mark on the spot where you might have hurt yourself.

It is important that you administer the required care and medication the moment you notice such bruises even if it might have happened some time back. To begin with, make sure you protect the area from a repeated injury or accident. If this happens, you will end up damaging even the protected fibers and tissues as well.

Another Aspect

Another important aspect is to learn to avoid getting these unexplained bruises. Most often, the way you get these bruises is when you are trying to rush across at a fast pace and fail to see any sharp nooks and corners along with any slippery surfaces you might slip on. In a domestic setting, this usually happens when you bang your knee against the sharp edges of the bed or tables lying around.

It is also quite common to slip on surfaces with remnants of water from cleaning or washing activities. Though you do feel the hurt, but you discover these bruises only once you are changing or take a moment to sit down and actually locate the affected area. Whatever it takes, it is important to discover such unexplained bruises fast enough and treat them at the earliest possible.

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