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Cuts and Bruises Make-Up



Looking good has always been in vogue. However, for those interested in looking good, there are always certain dampeners which can easily mar the look of an otherwise highly presentable individual.

Unfortunately, this mostly happens with younger individuals who are even more prone to getting hurt and suffering form minor cuts and bruises and that too, prior to the important events in their lives. Hence, it important to keep yourself abreast of the most effective make-up techniques to cover up these ugly marks from injuries and bruises.

The Tactics

Well, to begin with, the most important fact to remember when learning the art of cuts and bruises make-up is that it is only advisable and helpful to conceal that bruised area which is no more swollen. For instance, when trying to conceal a black eye, first ensure that the swelling has diminished considerably.

The most common tools used in the process of cuts and bruises make-up are the foundations and concealers. However, when using these, you have to be careful to match the tone of the skin Otherwise, the patched up area is bound to look unnatural, which will draw greater attention, defeating the purpose of your cuts and bruises make-up altogether. In fact, this is the reason why the corrective concealers for the cuts and bruises make-up usually come in hues of yellow and green.

Moving on, while applying cuts and bruises make-up, it is also helpful to know that you should use your hand instead of a sponge to dab the material on as the surface often takes on the sponge's pattern. For instance, it will be helpful to dab a yellow-based concealer around the bruise with your fingers, blending it outward and allowing some of the concealer to flow beyond the affected area. The most important test for the cuts and bruise make-up is that when the blending is over, the area should bear a flat and natural appearance.

Once done, let the cuts and bruises make-up set itself. Now dab a concealer that will match your skin tone over the bruised area and wait for some time. After all of this is over and has dried, you can then apply your usual make-up, which will then complete the entire process of cuts and bruises make-up.

Experts suggest that for the brownish-yellow bruises, a light green-based concealer works much faster and in a better fashion. However when applying such techniques for cuts and bruises make-up, it is important to understand your own skin tone and type and match the hues accordingly.


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