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Home Treatment For Bruises


Bruises are nasty, unwanted discolorations of the skin that happen following accidental injury or other trauma to the skin. When the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin break, they pool blood that is visible through the skin itself. The resulting blemish is a bruise. While this type of contusion is one that is generally not a cause for concern, many wonder about treatment for bruises.

It is possible to perform some home treatment for bruises that can assist in the healing process. In most cases, bruises will take roughly two weeks to completely go away. In the meantime, home treatment for bruises can help lessen pain, reduce swelling and even reduce the appearance of the injury.

Treatment Methods
Treatment for bruises is generally a very straightforward operation. As long as bruises are not associated with extreme pain, swelling or complete immobilization of the injured area, it is typically safe to proceed with basic home remedies. To help lessen pain and even speed up the healing process, try:

• Cold compresses. Icing a bruised area can lessen the amount of pain associated with a bruise and reduce swelling. It is typically suggested that ice be applied for no more than 20 minutes at a time.
• Elevating the affected area. Keeping a bruised area elevated can help reduce swelling and even promote the removal of pooled blood. This won't necessarily shave days off the healing process, but it can make the situation better.
• Herbal treatments. Herbal, topical treatments like Witch Hazel can help promote healing. This is an effective treatment for bruises that has been used for ages.
• Warm heat. After a few days' time, warm compresses can be applied to the injured area. This will help promote healing. Make sure the compresses are not too hot, however. This might cause more damage to the skin.

Medical Treatment
While there are cases where medical advice for bruises is called for, typically doctors have no more options for treatment at their disposal than basic home remedies. Still, there are occasions where seeking medical advice is vital. These include:

• Bruises that appear for no reason.
• Bruises that present very close to the eye.
• Bruising that is associated with an inability to move the impacted area, or even those with swelling that will not reduce.
• Bruises that do not go away over time.

Treatment for bruises is generally very basic. While it can help speed up healing, the passage of time is typically the best overall remedy. It simply takes the body a while to collect the pooled blood and remove it from an injured area.


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