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With Broken Bones the Band Played On


There have been stories on national news about how, with broken bones, the band played on. In one case, a rock group lead singer danced and pranced on stage for 3 hours with a broken leg. In another case, a guitar player rocked on his instrument despite a broken finger. Sometimes, a broken bone does not make itself known for a while.

It is hard to imagine how, with broken bones, the band continued to play as if everything was fine. That is the beauty and the mystery of the human body. Sometimes, things that you would expect to be excruciatingly painful, like broken bones, barely hurt or are masked by adrenaline. In other cases, things that seem like they should not hurt, such as injuring the tiny tail bone, can be extremely painful.

Breaking a bone is no fun under any circumstance. With broken bones the band played on, but most of us would stop what we were doing to deal with the problem. Initial and immediate first aid is important when dealing with broken bones. The rocker dancing around on stage with a broken leg was taking a terrible risk of causing more damage. Instead, he should have cancelled the concert, taken the weight off the leg and rushed to a doctor.

Most of us would not be as lucky as the band member. When you ignore a broken bone, one of two things will happen. The bone may knit back together just fine and you have no more problems. On the other hand, the bones may knit together the wrong way. Bones can certainly heal improperly. There are lots of pictures of broken bones on the internet that were not set correctly. In many cases, the way the bone healed looks really odd.

With broken bones, the band played on, but how did the bones heal? Was there any further damage discovered after the show? Was the break worse because it did not get immediate first aid? These are the kinds of questions you may have to ask yourself if you decide to ignore the symptoms of broken bones.

If you have any unexplained swelling or bruising, or find yourself avoiding putting pressure on any bones, then you should visit the doctor. Broken bones can come in many shapes and configurations. A fracture on one side of a bone may be barely noticeable except for the dull ache. Yet it needs to be properly treated in order to insure the fracture does not continue to widen.

With broken bones the band played on. But what did they play? They probably played Oh, My Aching Bones.

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