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Broken Bone Lyrics and Singing the Blues


When women sing broken bones lyrics it is often because they have developed osteoporosis. Many older women today developed osteoporosis without warning simply because doctors did not know how to do an early diagnosis. Younger women are much more fortunate, because doctors and other health officials now understand osteoporosis. They can let women know if they are prone to developing the disease and what they can do to slow or stop its progress.

If a woman with osteoporosis was writing broken bones lyrics to a song, there would be bluesy lines that speak of unexpected fractures and sudden falls. With osteoporosis, a bone can break suddenly causing the person to fall without warning. Unfortunately, the fall itself can cause another broken bone. Lyrics would also have to include refrains that remind people of the facts.

* The occurrence of osteoporosis is widespread
* Osteoporosis can develop in men also
* Hip fractures are one of the most common fractures
* Fractures can bring on early death in senior citizens
* Osteoporosis occurs more often in white women over 65 years old

Writing broken bones lyrics can be difficult because of the severity of the problem. But the good news is that doctors are learning more every day about the condition and know how most women can prevent its development. The sooner you know you have osteoporosis, the greater chance you have of maintaining your bone mass.

When you sing the blues, there is usually a story in the song. It may be about a lost love or how difficult life can be in general. Broken bones lyrics tell a story of heredity, obesity and nutrition when it comes to osteoporosis. Those are three factors which have a direct impact on your propensity to develop osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis causes particular types of common fractures. They include wrist fractures, hip fractures and compression fractures. Compression fractures in the spine result in a forward curvature of the spine which is also called a dowager's hump. Many women also lose height due to the spinal compression.

When you sing the broken bones lyrics about osteoporosis, you are singing a ballad about a condition which affects the ability of many women to lead an active lifestyle. It is important to have your bone density checked regularly so you can make sure you are diagnosed early. There are many treatment options including dietary changes, prescription medications and exercise.

Osteoporosis is serious and can result in a shortened life span or immobility in older women. It is crucial you follow the advice of your doctor and do everything possible to stop bone thinning. You can fight heredity armed with the knowledge there are ways to change the course of osteoporosis.

Instead of writing broken bones lyrics, you will be writing strong bones musicals!

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