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Pictures of Broken Bones Useful


The old saying claims a picture is worth a thousand words and that is true of pictures of broken bones. It is easy to throw out words like femur and fibula, but if you cannot picture the bones then the words are virtually meaningless. Pictures of broken bones are also useful for showing the different kinds of breaks bones can experience. They show how the break looks if you could actually see the bone.

Breaks to bones have been classified by the medical community. When a bone breaks into pieces, it is called a fracture. When a bone breaks on one side only, it is called a greenstick fracture. In a greenstick fracture the break does not go all the way through. A comminuted fracture is when a bone breaks into more than 2 pieces. A compound fracture is when the broken end of the bone breaks through the skin. When bone bends in a child, but does not actually break, it is called a bowing fracture. An oblique fracture is a break which occurs at an angle.

After describing all the different types of fractures, it can still be hard to imagine what the fracture looks like. How do you adequately describe a broken ankle bone creating a large lump? How can anyone properly explain a crushed bone with words? Pictures of broken bones can graphically show breaks which make clear the impact of the trauma.

There are many uses for pictures of broken bones.

* Graphic description
* Research
* First aid training
* Documentation
* Medical analysis
* Information

Pictures of broken bones are also useful for showing how various repair techniques are progressing. For example, a bone that has been in a cast for several weeks can be x-rayed to show healing progress. Other pictures of broken bones may show fixation device placement such as rods and screws. Some complicated bone fractures require elaborate surgeries and special devices to hold the bones together until they heal.

If you are interested in looking at pictures of broken bones, there are plenty online. You can find images of x-rayed bones, screwed bones, bones which have been healing and newly fractured bones.

There are many different kinds of bone fractures. Understanding the differences between the fracture types is much easier when you can look at pictures of broken bones. It is always comforting to know as much as possible when experiencing body trauma such as a broken bone. Having a clear picture of how the bone is healing can help you stay on track and continue to follow the advice of the doctor. That is how you will heal as quickly as possible.

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