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Broken Hand Bones Often From Stopping a Fall


Broken hand bones are often the result of either accidents or attempts to stop a fall. Hand bones include the bones in the hands and wrist. Like the foot bone structure, the hand bones are a wonderful construction of many small bones that work together almost flawlessly. There are actually 27 bones in the hand and wrist and their functioning enables human beings to do things no other animal can do.

Most broken hand bones are the end product of work place or home accidents. Participation in athletic activities is also a common cause of broken hand and wrist bones. It is simply human nature to put stiff arms out when you think you are falling. In fact, when you think about the times you have fallen backwards, even then you probably tried to use hand and wrist support to prevent falling all the way to the floor and hitting your head. Most of the time, there is no thought process involved. It is just instinctive.

Broken hand bones can be very life disruptive. We use our hands for almost everything we do. When the bones are broken and functioning ceases, it can be very handicapping for a while. There are many names for the different kinds of breaks that can occur. For example, Colles Fractures occur in the bones in the wrist. Common hand fractures are often in a thumb or finger tip because of accidents.

Most broken hand bones are very painful. If you think about breaking a bone when you catch a finger in a car door, then you have an idea of the pain level. The broken hand or wrist bones can cause swelling and make movement difficult. In some cases, the broken bone can be detected because it creates an obvious hump or bump.

Home first aid treatment for broken hand bones includes immobilizing the hand, applying ice to prevent excessive swelling and stopping any bleeding. The person should be taken to the doctor immediately for treatment. There are different kinds of treatments used for broken hand bones.

* Splints
* Casts
* Screws
* Plates
* Pins

Splints, casts and pinning broken hand bones together are temporary treatments. The casts and pins are only used until the bones are healed and then removed. The screws and plates are used where damage is so severe the bones need reinforcement. They are left in the hand from that point forward.

Broken wrist bones can be a sign of osteoporosis, especially if a light fall causes the breakage. Broken hand and wrist bones will be x-rayed to determine the extent of the damage. But if you are a woman over 50 that breaks your hand or wrist, the doctor will probably want to do further tests to make sure you are not developing osteoporosis.

Broken hand bones are not that common among adults except as a result of accidents. The broken bones can usually be successfully treated with no permanent damage resulting.

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