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Broken Bones in Feet and Postponing the Dance


The presence of broken bones in feet can certainly slow down your dancing. It is quite possible you might not be able to even put on your dancing shoes, because of swelling, bruising and pain. Fortunately, bones in the feet will heal with proper care so you can start twirling around the dance floor once again.

The foot is a complex structure composed of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Like an architectural bridge, everything is carefully aligned and balanced in order to handle body weight and movement. Bridges are built so they sway slightly in the wind which prevents cracking from rigidity. The foot operates under the same principles. The bones work together and move in a way that keeps the foot flexible.

When there are broken bones in feet, it means one or more of 26 bones are injured. Broken feet bones can impact much more than just the feet though. The feet are connected to ankles which are connected to leg bones and up it goes. When the feet are not working properly, or you have to change how you walk in order to accommodate broken feet bones, the consequences can include other parts of your body.

Many feet fractures occur in children and athletes. This is due to the frequent stress placed on the feet bones due to repetitive activity and frequent blunt force impacts. Broken bones in feet are fractures in bones of the heel, midfoot or toes. Each section of the foot is made up of several bones so fractures can happen anywhere in the foot.

There are different kinds of fractures which can happen in feet bones. Broken bones in feet can happen due to too much bone stress, ankle twisting, crushing and force. First aid for broken feet bones starts with elevating the feet to prevent swelling. Foot injuries are seldom life-threatening, though proper first aid can reduce the possibility of infection later on. Immobilizing the feet by placing them under a pillow tied to the leg can be helpful until help arrives. Often people have someone drive them to the emergency center, because most broken bones in feet can be accommodated by using a support which takes the weight off the bones.

Often, people do not realize they have broken bones in feet until the swelling or bruising continues to get worse. There can also be a range of pain from almost none to extreme pain depending upon the kind of fracture involved. The important point is to see a doctor as soon as possible if you think there is even a slight chance you have any feet broken bones.

Sometimes surgery is necessary to realign the bones in the feet. The thin bones might have to be reconnected using pins. But in many cases, the only treatment is either a cast or a brace. In the case of broken toes, first aid is simply a splint.

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