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A Second Look at a ?Misconception? on Exercise and Bones
A recent article received a lot of responses from readers. Here?s a follow-up.

Exercise Is Not the Path to Strong Bones
The idea that modest strength training exercise can help build bone mass was too good to be true.

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Swimming in Waterproof Casts for Broken Bones


Waterproof casts for broken bones are ideal for those who refuse to give up their summer water activities or showers during the time bones are healing. It is no secret a bone cast is a real nuisance which can severely limit activity. They also require a lot of tender loving care and precautions, because wet weather can ruin some casts and compromise others.

Bone casts today are made primarily in two ways. The cast many people are familiar with is the plaster of paris cast. A plaster cast is formed around the bone area being to be immobilized. It is heavy and cannot get wet, because it will disintegrate. This type of cast is used primarily on legs or other large bones that need a lot of support.

The other kind of cast most frequently used is made out of fiberglass. The fiberglass cast is much more lightweight than the plaster of paris cast. It is more water resistant too, but you still cannot swim or shower in it.

The waterproof casts for broken bones were invented in order to restore the ability of wearers to shower or swim. Adults appreciate not having to take baths or go through a long rigmarole of covering the cast before taking a shower. But children are the most appreciative of waterproof casts for broken bones, because they allow participation in summer events like swimming and pool parties.

In fact, waterproof casts for broken bones can make life much easier while waiting for bones to heal. When wearing traditional casts, you have to be careful about any kind of moisture including splashing or rain. When the cast is waterproof, all those concerns become moot.

Waterproof casts for broken bones usually take the form a waterproof cast liner underneath a fiberglass cast. Normally, fiberglass casts are set on cotton padding which is not waterproof. If the padding gets wet, it has to be replaced. To be able to get the cast wet, the waterproof cast lining is substituted for the padding. The waterproof lining is designed to serve several purposes.

* Prevent excessive moisture build-up underneath the cast due to sweat
* Prevent the development of odors common to wearing a cast
* Drains water from the cast and allows the skin to air dry

There are actual waterproof casts for broken bones that are not liners, but they are not widely used yet. It is the waterproof liners that have enabled people to continue enjoying activities involving water. Waterproof casts for broken bones are used mostly on arms and hands.

As technology continues to advance, the use of waterproof casts for broken bones will become standard practice. Until then the liners that create waterproof casts for broken bones are the perfect solution. They are especially ideal for children who do not want to miss out on summer fun.

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