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Symptoms of Broken Bones


The symptoms of broken bones can vary widely. You would think that any broken bone would be easy to diagnose because of pain if nothing else. But in fact, a bone can break and you not even be aware it happened. This is especially true when smaller bones are involved. People can break a toe and never learn it was actually broken. But when you break a leg, it is usually pretty clear what has happened.

Some of the symptoms of broken bones are obvious. Bones have blood vessels that are part of the interior construction. When you break a bone, the blood vessels can break which leads to blood seepage. This creates a bruise on the skin near the fracture.

Common symptoms of broken bones also include pain near the broken bone. The pain can occur when you move, sit or touch the area around the fracture. The pain in some cases can be quite severe. In addition to the pain, there will probably be swelling.

An area around or near a fracture may show obvious signs of broken bones. If the bones comes close to the surface of the skin, or breaks through, it is apparent bones are broken. Sometimes, you can hear a bone snap at the time of trauma. It is not a pleasant sound, but you know right away that there is a problem.

Other symptoms of broken bones include skin that pales around the fracture or an obvious change in the appearance of the area of the broken bone. Pictures of broken bones show the amount of deformity that can occur depending on the kind of fracture. For example, a broken finger can actually look crooked. A broken arm may have a spot where it is easy to see the bone is at the wrong angle. There may be general weakness in any limb that has a broken bone.

One of the painful and obvious symptoms of broken bones in the lower half of the body is the inability to put any weight on a bone. If you cannot stand up normally because of pain, the bone is probably broken. In cases where bones are broken into at least two pieces, a limb may shorten. This is because the muscles, tendons and ligaments pull the bones in different directions.

Despite all the symptoms, people do experience fractures they never discover until long after the bone has healed. This is especially true in women in varying stages of osteoporosis. But fortunately, most people know right away they might have broken a bone just because of the pain involved. There are many symptoms of broken bones which can reveal the fact that medical treatment is necessary.

Maintaining bone health includes proper care of fractures. The sooner you get to a doctor for treatment, the sooner you can be on the road to recovery.

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