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Pictures Of Spider Bites


Often time spider bites go undetected, but it is very important to know if you have been bitten by a spider and to remedy the situation as fast as possible. Though very few spiders cause serious harm to humans, those of a venomous nature can cause severe damage and death in some cases. The trouble is many times the victim is not aware of being bitten by a spider, by taking pictures of spider bites, medical experts can more readily identify if this was the case.

Many times the victim of a bite did not see the actual spider and may mistake the spider bite for a mosquito bite. Spider bites are characterized by two puncture marks, whereas mosquitoes will only produce one. Having pictures of spider bites would be the first step in diagnosing which type of spider is the culprit. Some spiders are harmful to humans while others are not. Treatment is contingent upon which spider has done the biting.

The black widow spider is the most dangerous to humans. Its venom can kill a human and medical treatment at a hospital is needed immediately after noticing the bite. If you are not sure if you have been bitten by a black widow, you can view pictures of spider bites on the internet. The telltale sign of a black widow bite is a red circle around the puncture.

The Brown recluse spider is a pretty dangerous spider. Pictures of spider bites produced on the internet are not pretty in pink at all. The spider will puncture human skin with wound marks.

The Brown recluse spider venom releases a kind of digestive fluid which is toxic to humans. The area around the bite becomes pink to dark red resulting from inflammation. The wound site is pretty visible because a lesion filled with dark fluid appears. However, the pictures of spider bites of this variety, is not sufficient to actually see the puncture marks; that must be done with a microscope. The skin tissue around the bite will begin to die and it takes months before any healing effectively occurs.

The hobo spider will produce a venomous bite similar in appearance to mosquitoes and the brown spider. The area surrounding the bite will become red and inflamed and the wound will eventually harden and scab over.

Though both these spiders rarely result in death of the afflicted human, pictures of spider bites where the skin has already rotted away is not a pretty sight. The open black wound is very deep and ghastly looking. Looking at pictures of spider bites is not for the faint of heart.

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