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Some Facts on Allergic Reactions to Condoms


It is very much possible and common for some people to develop skin irritation or allergic reactions to natural rubber condoms. The cause for these allergic reactions to condoms is usually the chemicals used for vulcanizing the rubber or from the proteins that are found in natural rubber latex, which is derived from plant material. Not many people suffer from allergic reactions to condoms; it is only a very small group of people who are extremely sensitive to condoms.

People who use rubber latex gloves for a long period of time are most prone to these allergic reactions to condoms. This is attributed to the fact that the gloves are used for longer periods and being thick, need more effective washing to remove chemicals and proteins residue.

As most condoms are made of latex rubber, these allergies indicate that you are allergic to latex rubber. Allergic reactions to condoms or latex start within minutes or hours of exposure. Sometimes, a person may develop allergic reactions to latex even if there had been no such previous reactions.

There are three levels of allergic reactions to condoms; mild reactions include itchiness, burning and drying while medium reactions constitute the same symptoms as previously, only thing is that they last longer, are more severe and can spread to other parts of the body and severe allergic reactions to condoms include breathing difficulties, hives and possible life-threatening anaphylactic shock. At times, what is considered to be allergic reactions to condoms turn out to be something else that is worsened by the use of condoms. So if there are persistent or painful reactions around or on the genitals, it is better to consult the doctor to find out what you are reacting to.

Those allergic to condoms have to avoid contact with latex which is possible by switching to using non-latex condoms, dental dams and gloves for safe sex. There is a wide range of non latex condoms, dental dams and gloves made from polyurethane for you to choose from for safe sex. These condoms not only prevent allergic reactions, but don't have a rubbery smell and conduct body heat better to make them feel thinner. This induces better sex.

And it is better to avoid your overall exposure to latex in your everyday life as increased exposure leads to increase in allergies. Symptoms for allergic reactions to condoms constitute a rash on the penis or genital skin, accompanied by redness, blistering and itching. These symptoms develop within 6 to 48 hours after using the condom. There are some condoms having spermicide, and in some people, it is the allergy to spermicide that induces allergic reaction in the body, and not the latex rubber.

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