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Does Low Thyroid Cause Allergic Reactions?


Hypothyroidism, under activity of the thyroid gland or low thyroid all occur with the thyroid gland producing less than the usual amount of thyroid hormones that are required in the body. With hypothyroidism, generally, there is a slowing down of bodily functions. This is basically a temporary but, in some ways, a permanent condition that prevails in both men and women.

Does low thyroid cause allergic reactions? There are few symptoms associated with hypothyroidism as the body can compensate for the thyroid gland with an increased stimulation. With the decrease of thyroid hormone production, the body's metabolism also reduces to result in various symptoms including drowsiness, dry itchy skin, puffy face, constipation, pervasive fatigue, sore muscles, dry and brittle nails, weight gain and fluid irritation, heavy and irregular menstrual flow and an increased sensitivity to miscarriages and many medications.

The metabolic rate in the body decreases with hypothyroidism because of an alteration of glandular functions in the body. Does low thyroid cause allergic reactions? With this reduced metabolic rate, there is tiredness, fatigue, leg cramps and cold, dry and pale skin in the patient. Sometimes this dryness becomes so bad that there is no sweating in the patient at all, while the palms and soles of the feet become thick and dry and tend to lead to keratoderma.

It is possible for skin color to get yellow with an alteration in vitamin A metabolism called carotenemia with hypothyroidism. In addition to this, there is loss of hair all over the body while nails tend to grow slowly and are usually brittle and thick. The most common skin change here is generalized myxedema or swelling in the skin that is induced by the building up of ground substances in the skin dermis.

Does low thyroid cause allergic reactions? There is also the possibility of one developing a broad nose, swollen lips, puffy eyelids and slow healing of wounds with hypothyroidism. It is because all these symptoms of hypothyroidism are quite similar to the symptoms one experiences with different forms of allergic reactions that many people think that hypothyroidism is the cause of allergic reactions.

Hypothyroidism basically occurs because of the lowering of the production of thyroid hormones in the body. However allergic reactions occur through an allergen disturbing the functioning of the immune system of the body. Once the immune system is disturbed, the body retaliates by fighting this trigger in the form of an allergic reaction. Does low thyroid cause allergic reactions?

It is possible to diagnose hypothyroidism and cure it through tests; while allergic reactions are a bit difficult to treat as the source and trigger of an allergy is not easy to find.

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