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What the Heck is Registry First Aid?


The first image that pops up when you mention first aid to people is a bandage, but registry first aid is a little different. This type of 'medical' intervention focuses on your computer and not on your body - though if you spend a lot of time on a computer, they might be equally important to you. In order to ensure that your computer is in top functioning form, you need to learn these basics of registry first aid.

How to Tell When Your Registry is Sick

Learning when you use registry first aid is just as important as how to implement these first aid techniques. If your computer needs intervention, it might start running more slowly than usual. You might try to open up a program and it takes a lot longer to load or to run the tasks that you run frequently. If you notice that some programs don't open at all, you might also have registry troubles. When you've moved files from one place to another, you might have damage your registry as well. And when you've had viruses in the past or you suspect that you may have been a victim of a phishing scheme, you may need registry first aid.

Why Your Registry has Troubles

When your computer is put together, think of it like a web of chips that are all connected together. If these connections are 'clean,' the computer can run quickly. But if anything happens to these connection points, you will notice your computer beginning to slow down. The registry can be damaged by your own actions, but is more likely to be damaged by software programs that are malicious in nature - viruses, for example.

How to Cure Your Computer

Thankfully, most computer systems now come with self-diagnosing software to check for registry problems. Simple go to your operating system company's website to see what kinds of programs they have there and then run these programs to check for registry errors. You can also purchase separate registry first aid software bundles that you can install on your computer to run regular sweeps of your system.

But basic prevention is generally the best advice when it comes to your registry's health. Don’t delete or move any programs that are essential to your computer; use up to date anti-virus software; delete emails that you don't recognize; and make sure to run your computers defragmentation program from time to time.

Registry first aid may not involve bandaids, but a little knowledge can go a long way in preventing unnecessary frustration.

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